Cecilie Lorentzen

Daglig leder

What's your favorite burger?

Hot cheddar with a bunch of onions and pickles. It's spicy and gives a lot of flavor, the pickles are 10/10 and I love chili!

What is the best thing about working at BurgerMan?

I just love burgers and I’m a real burger geek! The best thing about the job is creating a good working environment for all of our wonderful employees, meeting new and old customers, the people are great and I love a fast pace!

How long have you been a part of BurgerMan?

I started at BurgerMan in December 1988, however I took a break for 6-7 years to try something else. Then I took over BurgerMan in 2001 and is now officially known as “Cila” at BurgerMan