Tromsø's best burgers since 1991.

Our delicious buns are made fresh every day by the local bakery and make the perfect pair to our meat, which are sourced from local farms and butchers. The wide selection of our own homemade dressings and freshly cut vegetables completes the burger, leaving you wanting more!

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Our History

We are a local burger chain in Tromsø, our adventure started in 1991 with our first location at Kvaløya. We currently have two locations in Tromsø serving 22 unique burgers.

We use local products and grocers such as Tromsø bakery for our breads and Solberg Pettersen for our beef and pork. We use environmentally friendly products for our packaging.

Our Mission

Our mission is to better the burger and introduce a fresh new thinking approach to the fast food in Tromsø. We’re committed to creating burgers that people seek and crave. We believe that it's the small details that separate the average to the best burger, hence why we only use high quality and locally sourced products.

We sear the burgers on a hot grill to caramelize and seal the flavors. Combined with our in-house made dressings, makes these the juiciest and tastiest burgers in town. 

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Get to know us

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Values that matter, that creates Tromsø's best burger


There is a lot of love that goes into our recipes and menu.


Everything from our secret blend of spices to the in-house made dressings ensures your burger is packed with flavor.


When it comes to cooking perfection is key, especially when you want a perfect sear to seal the flavors.

Customer first

Our menu selection is tailored to suit your preference, whether you crave a spicy, cheesy, fatty, healthy or even a fruity burger.


We wouldn't be serving Tromsø's best burgers without having the best team. There is always space for talents, send us an email!


Freshly cut vegetables, homemade dressing and local meat from the butcher packed in between our daily baked buns.